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If you are contacting us regarding purchasing a printer:
Alps discontimued the MD series printers in May 2010, and the last printers came off the production line in October 2010. There is no replacement model, and we are unable to supply printers. We are unable to advise where one may be obtained.

If you are contacting us because your printer is not printing correctly, or for other problems with the printer:
Please check the FAQ. If your question is not answered, please proceed with contacting us, giving as much detail of the problem and your hardware and operating system as possible.

If you are contacting us to request English drivers for a printer you did not purchase from us:
Unfortunately, we are only able to supply English MD-5500 drivers with new printers purchased from Alps Supplies. We are unable to sell the English drivers.

If you are contacting us for service for a printer you did not purchase from us:
Alps Electric no longer supports any printer with a model number below MD-5500. We are unable to provide any support for printers which were not purchased directly from Alps Supplies.

If you are contacting us to request a shipping quote:
We are not able to provide shipping quotes via email, as these charges are calculated at time of checkout and vary with exchange rate fluctuations and order weight. If you would like to get an idea of what the shipping cost would be for a particular order, please follow the guide under "Alps Supplies General Information" on our home page

If you are contacting us to request pricing in your own currency:
Please select your currency from the the drop down box on the right hand side of the website labelled "Currencies". Please note that this is an approximation only. If your currency is not listed, please use XE to calculate the conversion

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Please check the FAQ.

We ship to most countries.
Exceptions are (But not limited to) any West African country, Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda.

If your enquiry is not answered above:
Please proceed to our Contact Page. Please note that if you do proceed, and your enquiry IS answered above, we may not reply.