Frequently Asked Questions

Please ensure that you have read the manual that can be found on the English driver disk. It contains much relevant information and troubleshooting tips.


  1. I'm trying to pay by PayPal, but it's not working
    If you are just being returned to the login screen, see the next item. If not, there should be a red bar at the top of the webpage telling you what the problem is. Bear in mind that your account must be verified, and the primary funding source for your accountmust be a credit card (PayPal requirements, not ours). If the problem is not self-explanatory, please provide us with the error code displayed, as we can not help you without this.

  2. I'm trying to place an order, but after I log into PayPal, I am immediately returned to your log-in screen
    Please ensure that your browser is configured to accept cookies and/or our website URL is in your trusted website list

General Printer & Ink Information

  1. Will the ink ribbons from my MD-1000/MD-1300/MD- work in an MD-5500?
    Generally yes. There are some ribbons that won't, like the multicolour or econoblack ribbons, but most will. Most Oki DP series ribbons and Citizen Printiva ribbons will too. We have put up a handy compatability chart on the website, the best method of checking which cartridge is which across manufaturers is to go by the number printed on the black/silver barcode label on the base of the cartridges.

  2. Will the dye-sub key from my old, dead MD-5000 work in an MD-5500

  3. What are the diferences between and MD-5000 and an MD-5500?
    • The MD-5500 is still in production
    • The MD-5500 has a built USB port as well as a parallel port
    • The MD-5500 recognises, and can print with the Opaque White cartridges as well as Standard White

  4. Does the printer come with a USB cable?
    No. The only cable included is a Japanese power cable, which has a plug similar the the two prong US type plug. The printer power inlet is an IEC C14 socket. Data cables required are either a bi-directional parallel cable, or an ordinary USB A-B cable.

Printer Setup, Usage and Problems

  1. There are horizontal lines appearing on my prints
    The causes of this problem are varied, and solutions range from trivial to returning the printer to Japan for repair.
    • Is the paper you are using too thick (The max paper weight the printer can handle is 200gsm, which equates to a thickness of 0.21mm or 0.0085")? Try printing the same artwork on piece of plain laser paper to see if the problem persists.
    • Is the head dirty? Try cleaning the head with a cotton bud soaked in isopropyl alcohol.
    • Is the Media Type setting correct for the type of paper in use? See here for more information

    If none of the above works, the head is most likely damaged and the printer will need to be returned to Japan for repair (Please see our page on printer care). Note that the head is a consumable item, therefore is not covered by warranty (See item 2.2 of the warranty conditions)

  2. I want to print decals/photos/whatever. How do I set up the driver for this?
    There is a brief guide on our site here and more detailed information in the manual that can be found on the English driver disk. There is also a wealth of information to be found on the websites listed on our links page, particularly in the two YahooGroups