About Us

Alps Supplies is a partnership of two people, one in Japan, and the other a long time user of Alps MD printers based in New Zealand.

Alps Supplies was born out of sheer frustration. An attempt in late 2007 to procure white ink cartridges from an unscrupulous European supplier ended with the loss of NZ$600.00, as he didn't have the stock he was advertising, and refused to refund. Thoughts turned to alternatives, and a Japanese friend was contacted, and told the sorry story. A few ideas were discussed concerning alleviating the dire situation regarding the supply of consumables, and the possibility of translating the MD-5500 drivers into English. Being an analyst programmer, the New Zealand partner had the skills to do the technical side of the translation, while the Japanese partner had the skills to do the language side of it. The first driver translation, supporting Windows 2000, XP and Vista 32 was completed in March 2008. After a customer enquired about drivers for Windows 98, these too were translated, and released in April 2008, along with the manuals any customers new to the printer range would require to use the printer.

As one of the few suppliers of Alps MD printers and consumables left serving the worldwide market, we are pleased to be able to differentiate ourselves from the rest by the fact that we do not have a limited supply, we can replenish our stocks whenever required, and we do not impose any order limits.

We are also determined that none of our customers will ever have the kind of experience that prompted the forming of Alps Supplies. We will always operate on the philosophy of excellent customer service, we will treat each and every customer as an individual in order to best serve their particular needs, and we will strive to meet the requirements of every person who grants us the privilege of choosing to do business with us.